Ken Colen has been working in the field of marketing research and strategic planning since 1987. In 1995 he established Colen Research & Consulting, LLC, a full service marketing research and strategic planning consultancy.

Before establishing Colen Research & Consulting, Ken held such positions as Director of Programming Research & Strategic Planning at MTV: Music Television and Research Account Executive at McCann-Erickson Worldwide.

Ken graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Rutgers University in 1987. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a minor in Psychology. In May of 1997, Ken obtained his Master's Degree in Social Work. The academic and practical training associated with this degree gives him a unique perspective on consumer behavior and the design and implementation of strategic planning projects.

Here's what people are saying about Ken:

"Ken Colen is a master of the discussion-like format of online bulletin boards and is expert at getting participants to provide rich feedback that reveals their real opinions and true intentions. His critical insights and strategic advice led to meaningful changes in our programming model."
Roger Strong, VP of Research and Strategy at iN DEMAND Networks

"The members of our trade association not only walked away from Ken Colen's session with a sense of purpose and direction, but they enjoyed it immensely. In fact, it was the highest-rated session at our recent summit meeting."
Jim Donio, President of NARM

"A particular strength of the project was the delivery of people who were engaging, articulate and entertaining to watch. Ken has a way of making a research interview human and powerful at the same time."
Jeffrey Wolf, Managing Director, Strategic Planning at Kaplan Thaler Group

"Ken Colen knows how to design and conduct research projects and interpret results that lead to actionable insights. He has a host of experiences to draw upon from many product categories, with an especially deep understanding of media, technology and entertainment."
John McCauley, President at JM Marketing and Media Consulting

"Ken Colen has been a great asset to our business. He has an especially good grasp of quantitative data and its implications for our clients, ranging from pharmaceutical to packaged goods companies."
Vivian Edelberg, Vice President at Marketview Research Group