Colen Research has extensive experience in the areas of:
  • Media: Channel positioning; programming development; scheduling; online strategies; website testing

  • Advertising Sales: Attitudes and buying behaviors among media professionals

  • Sports: League and franchise advertising; sponsorship activations; retail licensing; new uniform development

  • Pharmaceuticals: Direct-to-consumer advertising; new product launches

  • Packaged Goods: Advertising; packaging; new product launches

  • Focus Groups
  • In-Depth One-on-One Interviews
  • Usability Studies
  • Quantitative Surveys (administered online)
  • Consumer Ethnography (both in-person and online)
  • Online Panels (longitudinal studies, both online and in person)
ConsumerConnect™ is a private, online bulletin board with a video component. Media executives can use it to interact with viewers over the course of several days or weeks. Any form of stimulus (audio, video, websites, etc.) can be sent to viewers to use in their own homes, so you can interact with your consumer as they are experiencing your content at home. Answers can come in the form of verbal responses, pictures or consumer-uploaded video clips, so you can get a multi-media perspective on your target consumer's lifestyle. With ConsumerConnect™ you can:
  • Immerse yourself into viewers' lives
  • Experience their media habits firsthand
  • Examine their DVR, DVD, CD and digital media libraries
  • Discover their reactions to your programming, ad campaigns or web pages—even an entire 13-week TV series!
Roger Strong, VP of Research and Strategy at iN DEMAND Networks says: "Ken Colen is a master of the discussion-like format of online bulletin boards and is expert at getting participants to provide rich feedback that reveals their real opinions and true intentions. His critical insights and strategic advice led to meaningful changes in our programming model."

Get into the heads and homes of your audience with ConsumerConnect™.

Live Consumer Panels offer different benefits than focus groups. These professionally moderated panel discussions, conducted with TV viewers and media executives together in one room, offer an engaging experience resulting in actionable implications.

Consumers can be sent shows or products to use in their own homes for a period of days or weeks prior to the live panel, so they are talking from relevant and recent experiences.

Live Consumer Panels can add an engaging and actionable dimension to any type of meeting:
  • Conferences
  • Off-sites
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Marketing strategy meetings
Live Consumer Panels are a powerful way to learn about and from your consumers.

Jim Donio, President of NARM, says: "The members of our trade association, not only walked away with a sense of purpose and direction, but they enjoyed it immensely. In fact, it was the highest-rated session at our recent summit meeting."